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Olive 6HD

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Olive 6 HD

Superior Sound

The new Olive O6HD is the world's first music server to combine the convenience of digital music with an audiophile sonic performance. It starts with a state-of-the art differential DAC along with a dedicated linear power supply for the analog output stage.

Add to that our patent-pending design methodologies and enjoy a warm, full-bodied, and spacious sound with an exceptionally realistic soundstage. A sound so lively and clear, you'll want to reach out and touch the performers!

Fully balanced differential DAC design
At the heart of the O6HD is a fully balanced differential DAC design with only the finest audio components available today. From Burr-Brown 24-bit PCM1792 DACs to ultra-low jitter master clock and high-end sample rate converter, every single detail has been tuned for high-performance, stereophile quality. Read More.

High-precision power supply
There's an old audio engineering axiom that says the quality of sound is inherently linked to the quality of the power supply. It is the analog section of audio devices that is extremely sensitive to interference and supply stability. That means the layout and grounding design of any power supply has a decisive influence on the sound quality of the whole system. Read More.

High-end headphone DAC
Want to enjoy your music all by yourself? The O6HD features a separate headphone DAC that is powered by a dedicated 24-bit/192 kHz PCM1792! Throw in TI's top-of the line TPA6120A2 High Performance Audio Amplifier (built on a current-feedback architecture) and you won't miss a note. Guaranteed!

Born for HD Music
The O6HD is predestined--and pre-designed--for the future of High Definition music. And now it also comes to you preloaded with 10 HD tracks in 24-bit/176.4 kHz by Grammy award-winning Reference Recordings. Did you know HD music delivers 250X times the resolution of CD music! You have to hear it to believe it!

Touch Your Music

The new O6HD turns your music collection into a whole new experience and takes your appreciation to an extraordinary new level. Simply insert a CD, push the record button and your CD is automatically copied to the ultra-quiet 2TB AV hard drive. Load up to 6,000 in their original quality, each tagged with all important album information and cover art. The O6HD also instantly organizes your music and allows easy access with Olive's revolutionary touch-screen navigation. Browsing your music library has never been this much fun.

Big color touch-screen with glass technology
Its audio performance is clearly breathtaking. And so is the 10.1'' wide aspect color touch-screen. The touch-screen features the latest glass-on-glass technology and ultra-bright backlight to present your music collection in vivid clarity. Your music looks better than ever!

Engineered purely for music
The O6HD is powered by Olive's revolutionary Music Engine™ including a navigation interface developed with only music in mind. Each music genre is color-coded for easy recognition and every play-screen adapts to show only genre-relevant information. So organizing and browsing your music collection is now officially fun!

Navigate your music from the comfort of your couch
Kick back, put up your feet and download Olive's free Apple® iPhone™ application. It turns your iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod™
Touch into a touch-screen remote control. Browse your music library, create playlists or crank up the volume with a flick of a finger. Want a bigger screen? Connect the O6HD to your HDMI-enabled TV. That's big music!

Connect to the whole world of music. Literally.
Give the O6HD access to your home network and open up a whole new dimension to your music experience. Enjoy Olive's revolutionary internet radio, stream music to different rooms with the Olive O2M Multi-Room Player, or play music stored on your Mac, PC or NAS*.
Designed to Perform

The Olive O6HD sounds amazing — and we're proud of that. However, we can't deny that we're also extremely proud of how good it looks. With its elegant aluminum enclosure, polished frame and distinctive design patterns, it's quite the conversation starter. Even better, its design significantly improves both functionality and sonic performance. See (and hear) for yourself.

Form follows function. Sound follows style.
It is hard to believe that its beautiful design is also inspired by functionality. The angled front of the O6HD is a result of user studies showing that on-device operation is significantly improved with better accessibility to buttons and screen. The huge 10.1'' color touch-screen makes it even easier (and more fun) to find the music you want.

Optimized for sonic performance — inside and out
The O6HD design not only improves functionality, it actually delivers better, brighter, more beautiful sound:
• The fine-grade and solid thick aluminum enclosure is elegantly designed to eliminate operating noise and vibration.
• Special ultra-quiet AV hard drives are cushioned in eight layers of noise-canceling padding, delivering noiseless performance.
• A passive cooling concept eliminates the need for a noisy fan, so you're the only one whistling to your favorite song.

Anti-Vibration Feet
Vibration that enters your O6HD from underneath the server can have a negative effect on its sound performance and its sensitive electronic circuitry. The O6HD therefore features a remarkable, patent-pending, anti-vibration feet system (AVS). Each foot is designed as a 2-part system, molded in a specialized polymer. The AVS allows the O6HD chassis to float and de-couple from external influence, eliminating transfer of vibration and resonance to internal components.

Hand-Built in the USA
Like all our HD Music Servers, the O6HD is custom-built in our San Francisco facilities here in the USA. Unlike the O3HD and the O4HD, the O6HD is exclusively hand-built in small quantities, individually serialized. Output is limited due to its complex enclosure manufacturing, and highly specialized audio components with limited availability. Like a great wine, building an O6HD just takes time. Call us directly for more information at 1.877.296.5483 and we'll build one especially for you!

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